oppdateringer…iOS 14.5, iPadOS 14.5

Som tidligere ventet, Apple slapp oppdateringene i dag ca. 19:00 (norsk tid).

Apple ga i dag ut iOS 14.5 og iPadOS 14.5 for publikum, og introduserte en rekke nye funksjoner og endringer. Iflg. MacRumors: de største oppdateringene vi har hatt siden iOS og iPadOS 14 ble utgitt.

iOS 14.5 is a major update with a long list of new features, including the ability to unlock an iPhone with an Apple Watch, 5G support for dual-SIM users, new emoji characters, an option to select a preferred music service to use with Siri, crowd sourced data collection for Apple Mapsaccidents, AirPlay 2 support for Fitness+, and much more.

The update also introduces support for AirTags and Precision Finding on the iPhone 12 models, and it marks the official introduction of App Tracking Transparency. There are a long list of bug fixes, with Apple addressing everything from AirPods switching issues to the green tint that some users saw on ‌iPhone 12‌ models.

Les mer hos MacRumors.com

UPDATE. (02.05.21)

Apple Releases iOS and iPadOS 14.5.1 With Fixes for App Tracking Transparency Bug, WebKit Security Issues.

Security notes for the release indicate that it addresses a memory corruption issue and an integer overflow in WebKit that could both be exploited using maliciously crafted web content. Apple says it aware of a report that these issues may have been actively exploited, so users are advised to upgrade immediately.

(fra MacRumors.com)


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