litt påskelektyre…

For spesielt interesserte, med god 3G dekning på hytten, en lett blanding av noen (engelske) websites med lesverdig stoff:

Nik Collection for fotoentusiaster
Powerful controls for creating exceptional natural and artistic HDR images.

The Case for a True Mac Pro Successor
«On paper, the Mac Pro may no longer be a viable product, but it would be a mistake for Apple to abandon the concept that it embodies. Like the Power Mac before it, the Mac Pro was designed to be the most powerful personal computer Apple knows how to make. That goal should be maintained, even as the individual products that aim to achieve it evolve.»

Blurry Backgrounds, Big Sensors and Bokeh
«Now, photographers online are a cantankerous lot. Photography, in the end, is something of a black art, and everybody’s got an opinion. …»

Cleveland Museum of Art Uses iPads for Visitor-Personalized Tours
«The Cleveland Museum of Art has developed a new system that allows visitors to use iPads to give themselves personalized tours, share tours with other visitors, gain more information about exhibits and more, according to The New York Times.»

Fortsatt God Påske!


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